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Friday, 30 August 2013


The show at the Museum of East Anglian Life is up. A great day hanging work that I have made over the past 9 months. Really pleased with how it looks and feel that the focused time I have had on this project has enabled me to create a rigorous body of work that has at its core the research, testing and thinking embedded within it. More images will be taken in a couple of days - a big thank you to all the people who have supported me with finance, knowledge and kindness.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


A most excellent day at MEAL hanging the three site specific pieces. I am really pleased about how they look and more importantly feel in the space – they feel right, as if they belong there. the experience is for me a full circle of being inspired by the space and then making work that enables me to revisit that inspiration. The work is difficult to photograph, especially the settling house piece as it is a 360 degree piece of work.
Some notes on the thinking behind it.
Settling house – ghost exchanges
the book - a space of debate – a place for the storage and dissemination of information – an exchange -  a position – a settlement.
24 bookworks have been created as part of unpicking and rebinding and sited within the settle house.
The work takes the form of structures that are created from joining (binding) two book structures together. The arrangement of two book forms joined together enables reflection on the hierarchy of negations that took place within the building in its former incarnation and site.
The stables – gathered furrows
The large-scale yet light structure has been created as part of unpicking and rebinding and sited within the stables.
The work is positioned specifically to reference the link between the construction of the smock through the process of smocking and the ploughed land worked by the people who wore the smocks. The specific qualities of the melancholy light attracted my attention.

As part of the project unpicking and rebinding I handled many objects within the collection at MEAL and I felt previous owners of these belongings ever present. The objects surfaces embellished and burnished by repeated handling, their presence embedded within the objects. I thought of the past, the repetitive act of ploughing, loss and the line and responded with gathered furrows.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Monday, 19 August 2013


The first public encounter with the project went off well with a bookmaking workshop within the record office at Lowestoft. As we were in an archive it seemed appropriate to focus the workshop on the idea of time and its relationship to the book – ‘this morning happened before now and later will happen next’ - it’s quite a complex concept ......the members of the group made individual books with original images and text. The formats of the books were inspiring and they all went away with starting points for new projects and ways to fulfil books and stories that they had started, some of which they brought with them.  If all the sessions are as positive as this it will be a joy.

Thursday, 15 August 2013


Working on what really should be the final piece for the show I'm putting up in a couple of weeks at MEAL – made from latex, metal rods and tension!
Some titles I'm working on –
fabricbox – grouping things
 between this and that
 a gathering
 sowing and sewing
 geological folds
 the hidden creating shapes
 furrows and folds
 psychedelic minimalism
bound landscapes - bends become folds
folded line - rolling and drawing
reduce, diminish, and withdraw
an object becomes an object?
evidence of action
is smocking evil?
collecting together the stored and saved
personal truths - naturally occurring things
creased on the body
joining space
reveal - the folds and the trace of what once was.
constant - flow from the outside to the inside and
back again.
presence – fold and layer gather and join
a thing is just a thing without a story
knowing Not knowing
striking a balance
the idea of collection
evidence of action
under over
quilt - history
ghost quilt
hidden - the past providing a clue
all clothing is personal
welcomed into the fold
language - glossary
action of folding
inside enveloped enclosure
inside contained collected
pair - order and control
ghost deed - singular
a box - ghost deeds

the rules of acquisition