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Tuesday, 25 June 2013


It’s been heads-down creating the design and layouts for the book that will be printed in a limited edition. 68 pages that have to work as individual pages, double page spreads and of course as a whole – but then I guess that’s what a book is. The text titled working the fold written by Victoria Mitchell for the book is most excellent – picking up and continuing the theme of connections between making and the object. The whole book is now finished and I am about to press the button to print. Meanwhile all the display panels for the exhibitions are in the process of being designed and hopefully will be printed at the end of the week.
Some texts from the book –
Every object in each collection I'm looking at has many stories; each one delivers the viewer new contexts and presents new possible functions. Functionality of an object is something that is constructed in the mind through collective use and understanding. As the functionality of an object can change in the mind, changing our perception of and relationship to the object. Does this in some way physically change the object?

This connects to ideas around transubstantiation, the act of partaking in consuming the body and blood of Christ through eating a wafer and drinking wine.

The objects have a palimpsest quality; the record of their history reappears on the surface like the traces of old texts to be 'read', a memory of use, cumulative palimpsests. And the objects themselves leave their own mark much like the impressions left by the jewellery of Monika Brugger or the work undertaken by Richard Wentworth for Homebase.

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