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Friday, 26 July 2013


The book of the project, unpicking and rebinding is finished – really pleased with the production values – it was going  to be a print on demand product but the scale, quality of print and off-white ivory paper of the handmade gives the project a richer feel, especially with the stab binding. As ever it’s also interesting to handle a physical book after spending so long with the content as a digital version – enjoying the sequences and page turning and reinforcing the feeling of why I make books.

I have the pages as a pdf which I am going to send off to interested parties.

Thursday, 25 July 2013


The final exhibition for the moment is up and looks good – 8 window panels, 4 display panels and 2 display cases occupy the entrance to the Suffolk Record Office in Ipswich. It was warming to see members of the public looking at the work and reading the texts. I had an intriguing conversation about deeds and their structure which led to me now knowing why banknotes had the numbers on twice.

That makes 4 spaces simultaneously showing the project across Suffolk and Norfolk. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


The latest show is up and looks professional – sited in the rotunda of the castle museum in Norwich it consists of a display case and 5 panels which explain the project, its history and a some of the revelations I have had – decided to show a couple of sketch books and the oddest latest piece of work in latex – it makes sense to show it there.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


A day of testing – the section of the show for MEAL which celebrates the objects within the collections looks good – approximately 300 circles cut out from the initial images and pinned to the wall around the mind map of connectivity!

Working on what should be the final piece for the show – the idea of folding skin - this came from looking at my hands when sewing and links with a trip to the cloth house in Berwick Street which has led me to latex. The piece has started to reference a range of bodily parts which weren't initially my intention but I am working with it to see what happens, in the end it just might not fit.

Monday, 15 July 2013


Show number two is up and running – the Lowestoft unpicking and rebinding experience has been extended into the library with a display in a glass case of some of the folded paper pieces. They look interesting within the context of the library and it was good to see people looking at the work the moment I had finished installing it.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


The first show of the unpicking and rebinding project is up – Bury St Edmunds Record office – I think it looks good and does the job of explaining the project.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I am in the middle of organising the public interface element of the project with a number of talks, workshops and exhibitions being set up. Working on designing information display panels for all the spaces – their size both in their physical large scale and the dpi information has been a challenge for my digital equipment (time for an upgrade!!) There are some nice links with volunteers and groups who will come into contact with the ideas I have been exposed to. The legacy of the bookwork is also something that I’m working on – with final proofs being organised. I have decided in the end to print and bind the editioned book myself – this will lead to a more handmade/personal experience which seems more appropriate. The work will have a wonderfully odd feel – a non-categorisation about it – part bookwork, part art, part catalogue, part blog, part manual, part journal. I have all the pages as a PDF so I can organise this element to have a web presence so that it can be downloaded and if required I will send it to individuals on request and they can read it on screen – a small nod to saving the planet. 

Monday, 8 July 2013


Working at two scales towards the final shows – a large scale black vertical ploughed piece for the stables at the Museum of East Anglian Life which will be a companion piece to the white horizontal piece. And 300ish images cut into circles which are a mixture of images from the three archives – objects and spaces. These are mixed with images of my work that was made as a result of looking at the former. All the images are close ups focusing on the folds within the work and will be pinned to the wall in a mass, as one.