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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I am in the middle of organising the public interface element of the project with a number of talks, workshops and exhibitions being set up. Working on designing information display panels for all the spaces – their size both in their physical large scale and the dpi information has been a challenge for my digital equipment (time for an upgrade!!) There are some nice links with volunteers and groups who will come into contact with the ideas I have been exposed to. The legacy of the bookwork is also something that I’m working on – with final proofs being organised. I have decided in the end to print and bind the editioned book myself – this will lead to a more handmade/personal experience which seems more appropriate. The work will have a wonderfully odd feel – a non-categorisation about it – part bookwork, part art, part catalogue, part blog, part manual, part journal. I have all the pages as a PDF so I can organise this element to have a web presence so that it can be downloaded and if required I will send it to individuals on request and they can read it on screen – a small nod to saving the planet. 

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