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Thursday, 15 August 2013


Working on what really should be the final piece for the show I'm putting up in a couple of weeks at MEAL – made from latex, metal rods and tension!
Some titles I'm working on –
fabricbox – grouping things
 between this and that
 a gathering
 sowing and sewing
 geological folds
 the hidden creating shapes
 furrows and folds
 psychedelic minimalism
bound landscapes - bends become folds
folded line - rolling and drawing
reduce, diminish, and withdraw
an object becomes an object?
evidence of action
is smocking evil?
collecting together the stored and saved
personal truths - naturally occurring things
creased on the body
joining space
reveal - the folds and the trace of what once was.
constant - flow from the outside to the inside and
back again.
presence – fold and layer gather and join
a thing is just a thing without a story
knowing Not knowing
striking a balance
the idea of collection
evidence of action
under over
quilt - history
ghost quilt
hidden - the past providing a clue
all clothing is personal
welcomed into the fold
language - glossary
action of folding
inside enveloped enclosure
inside contained collected
pair - order and control
ghost deed - singular
a box - ghost deeds

the rules of acquisition

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