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Thursday, 31 October 2013


The show is up at Norwich Gallery. The work was hung in 4 hours and looks good. Its interesting to see the work within the white walls of a gallery after the domestic space, if rather grand of Abbotts Hall at the Museum of East Anglian Life or the municipal functionality and clutter of the record offices and museums the work has been shown in. I was reminded of the exhibition and subsequent article written by Susan Vogel called Vogel’s net where the same objects were presented within different situations or contexts, art gallery, museum, diorama. With each viewing the context overwhelmed the objects and the viewers reading of them was framed by the environment. 
The private view was really busy with many positive and supportive comments. It was really nice to see so many friendly faces – thank you to all of you who turned up, your support was greatly appreciated.  

I set up a situation where work was exchanged for a recommendation – the work in question was a set of prints that I have shown in 4 places and felt that I had learnt all I need from them – they will be going to good homes and I will follow up the recommendations and be enriched by them, everybody wins.

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