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Thursday, 1 November 2012


The initial obsession with date classification that I have  encountered within curatorial circles has led me to ICOM – a system used within museums for categorising – the terminology and classification is fascinating – I'm particularly drawn to the line drawings – there is a body of work to be done here – especially around the mapping of how I work within the collections http://www.collectionslink.org.uk/assets/thesaurus_icombts/vbt00e.htm  I’m thinking about some sort of animation constructed from diagrams linked to labels.
How we catalogue the work within collections obviously has a history – from my reading and talking with curators (esp Ruth Battersby Tooke) the move from science based hierarchical thinking around the construction and reading of collections towards a more individual contextual understanding appears to of coincided with the breaking down of social barriers and the rise of valuing the individual in society.  The fact that each objects reference point can change with each viewing is something to consider in relation to mapping a way through the collections. Each object has a seemingly infinite number of stories attached and each personal truth illustrates multiple connections and possibly demonstrates what and how we value the objects around us.  This constantly shifting reconceptualising is a challenge to the rigours of traditional cataloguing.
Meanwhile I’ve been sidetracked by a wonderful punch less binder - ACCOGRIP – that was holding a set of paper patterns. 

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