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Sunday, 25 November 2012


A huge learning of skills day - practising creating pockets using paper and lining materials - making parallels and connections between tailoring and the world of experimental book production. Thinking about repetition and multiple elements brought together within and joined to a structure, a combination of pages set in a spine and the idea of the swatch.
Really excited about the possibilities presented by the box pleat and I've been enjoying thinking about its relationship to the concertina fold - similar but different - time and space bending in on itself - spaces of folded time rather than the clear and relentless linear march of the leporello. large rolls from MEAL. 

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  1. I like your phrase spaces of folded time ....

    I wonder if time is linear or is it not circular as the seasons come round again. I see the year as an oval with summer at the top....the rings inside tree trunks - each ring represents a year....and when I revisit an incomplete art project and begin working on it again its as if I have come round full circle ....