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Sunday, 27 January 2013


The decisions around the choice of materials have been really important - the use of utility papers and materials that are usually used within a hidden context, for example within the lining of clothes, has supported the thinking behind my making. The tracing, glassine and baking papers have a quality that hides or 'knocks back' the papers that are behind it, creating its own sense of the hidden but when folded reveal and in fact present the fold by showing the layers of the materiel used. The moment I realised that I had to work with these materials - that this had-to-be - came from seeing an example of shadow ribbon at the Costume and Textile collection in Norwich – found within the ‘fabric manipulation handling box. 
The blackness of the interface material and dark glassine has come to represent the opposite and I feel presents a deadening atmosphere (referencing my thoughts and connections to the long dead owners and users of the materials and objects I’ve been looking at and working with).

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