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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


another day at MEAL overwhelmed, tired and excited by all that I have seen – Lisa who works there is really in my head now and suggesting wonderful items for me to look at 
highlights today include an hour with a box of paper documents, mainly note books used as diaries, accounts and lists. As ever I started looking at their structure but ended up reading and getting into the heads of people going about their lives in this part of the world 100 years ago – sobering and very moving. The most extraordinary addition to one page was a thin piece of paper with a corrected text pinned to the page so that it covered the change of heart. 
 A saddle, never having picked one up I was surprised by the weight but the layers of leather and stitching presented some exciting possibilities – and again I was struck by the amount of dead animals needed to fuel the everyday in the past, the bundles of horses hairs, bound and organised added to this thought.  Making connections between pockets and notebook structures in my notes.

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