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Saturday, 8 December 2012


A thought - is it possible to physically change an object just by thinking about it.
Every object in each collection I'm looking at has many stories; each one delivers the viewer new contexts and presents new possible functions. Functionality of an object is something that is constructed in the mind through collective use and understanding. As the functionality of an object can change in the mind, changing our perception of and relationship to the object. Does this in some way physically change the object?
This connects to ideas around transubstantiation, the act of partaking in consuming the body and blood of Christ through eating a wafer and drinking wine. Also the piece of work by Michael Craig Martin titled Oak Tree which consists of a glass of water on a glass shelf and a text debating the idea of faith, symbolism and trust. Just checked this out and nice to see that Nicholas Serota also made the link – ‘it certainly reminds us that the appreciation of all art involves an act of faith comparable to the belief that, through transubstantiation, the bread and wine of Holy Communion become the body and blood of Christ’

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