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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Looking at my notes that derive from conversations with people working within archives. 

A thing is just a thing without a story
Not knowing about an object is the most interesting part 
The rules of acquisition free one from guilt

Learning from making is something that I constantly tell the students I work with to think about and act on - this new body of work, where I have positioned myself outside my 'traditional' knowledge, requires me to learn skills and develop strategies to move my work forward. I feel that I am following the advice I give my students - an interesting position but/and it feels good!

It will be exciting to pull all this together but I am resisting this action so that I can let ideas flow as far as they possibly can before I rein them in.

A mid moment mission statement might come from a conversation with a student the other day - Creating work whose purpose is far greater than an object with dimensions.

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